Buddhist Leaders Pray World Peace In Toronto


Corresponding to the " One Belt, One Road" strategy of China, Buddhist great masters pray for world peace in Chan Shan Temple of Toronto. Delegates, including the Chairman of Chinese Buddhist Association-Venerable Xuecheng Shi, Chairman of Canada Buddhist Association-Venerable Dayi Shi, and Chairman of The American Buddhist Confederation-Venerable Pindao Shi,  from China, Canada and United States will hold  Buddhist forum in Toronto university. The core theme of this Buddhist forum is "The Perfect Wisdom In Middle Way for the Sustainability of World Peace" 


The chairman of The International Hua-Yan Buddhist Federation Mr. Nanren Shi is invited to participate. Mr. Nanren Shi will deliver his theme paper titled " Sustainable Peace In The Perfect Middle Way". 

The Buddhist Forum is organized by Buddhist organizations from three countries: China, Canada and America. It will be the milestone in world Buddhist history, and will be  a breakthrough event for Chinese Mahayana teaching and Chinese traditional culture to participate their roles in Northern America. A powerful country and nation must have same international influence  through its culture. 


Mr. Nanren Shi said :"Buddhism has been in China for more than 2500 years. It's a very important component of Chinese culture.  Introducing the precious Chinese traditional culture---Chinese Mahayana Buddhism  to Northern America, and even the world, is a realistic step to fulfill the strategy of " The Belt and Road" and "Chinese Dream",  initiated by Chinese leaders。 The success of three-country "Buddhist Forum"  will play an important role in further promoting both Chinese and Buddhist civilizations in Northern America. It also will present Buddhism on the world historical stage in a more positive and vigorous way."


The 1st Buddhist Forum of three countries will be end on June 18th, 2017. The organizer is planning to hold such event in every two years in the future. 


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