Meditation Setting

All suggestions regarding our meditation environment should be related to our own practice of Samatha and Vipassana。There are no  absolute rules for meditation environment. Your feeling is more important。 The place you choose which can help to fulfill your goal of practicing, is the best meditation space for you. The followings are just some idea as reference for you when you design your own meditation space.  when it comes to decorating a meditation room in your home, follow your personal style and tastes to create a relaxing atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.  

You can practice mindfulness anywhere you feel like – in a garden, at work,  or even at the airport waiting for your flight. But if you are practicing Samatha at beginning, you need a quiet place so that you can concentrate and cultivate your ability to focus better and better.

Our meditation area should stay quite, clean and tidy and full of fresh air with well- ventilation. Once the environment around us is clean, our mind can also be relaxed before or after meditation.  Environment would be an impact on our meditation experience.  We, for most of us,  cannot get relaxed  thoughts in a dirty, smelly, filthy room. We also get distracted by too much noise.