Why Does Amituofo BuddhaHaveThe Ability To Create Pure Land?


we all have buddha nature...

Buddha is someone who has realized own Buddha nature. We all have same Buddha nature. That is why many people had become Buddha in the past, and many people will become Buddha in future. The historical Shakyamuni Buddha in India was just one of them.

Unlike ordinary people, all Buddhas have no attachment on anything. Buddha has perfectly realized emptiness. Therefore, Buddha has the ability to create any kind of form they want. Pure-land is one kind of form. We don’t have this ability because we have attachments. Buddha’s nature like sky, any kind of form can appear in the sky without problem. Our attachment already occupied sky, that’s why we have no space to create what we want to. But once we become Buddha, we all can if we want to.

When people get rebirth in Pure Land, they will have a perfect living and studying environment for enlightenment. Pure land is like a perfect school campus, where there is nothing to distract us from improvement. Everything exists there will be a help for realization. Countless Buddhist Bodhisattvas as teachers living there to teach us. Also, people there have ability to go to any other Buddha’s land,  outside of Pure Land,  to learn. That is why all beings must get success in realization,  just a matter of long or short period of time.

Realized beings will choose to come back to samsara after realization due to their compassion of Buddha nature.  They will help people who suffer to get rid of suffering. On the other hand, they will not feel suffering in samsara as normal people do,  because they are realized beings.