Why Do We Get Reborn Into Where We Are Now?

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Buddhism believes in Karma

We created countless karmic seeds through our thinking, speaking and acting. We  left all karmic seeds in our karmic warehouse, which is called the eighth or Alaya consciousness.

Before we die, we have our last thought in mind. This thought is critical in Buddhism.

This last thought will lead us to get reborn into the realm  where the beings there have the same kind of mentality ( as our last thought before death). The karmic seeds related to the last thought will get its consequence in next life. The rest of karmic seeds will be reserved in the eighth consciousness.  There are 6 realms in Samsara of suffering. 

  1. Heaven Realm: long life, happy.  They will die and get reborn in one of 6 realms later. Practicing 10 virtuous actions is the cause for getting birth in Heaven Realm. The 10 virtuous actions are :no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, no divisive words, no harsh words, no gossip, no greed, no aversion, no wrong views.  
  2. Asura Realm: getting born here because of the hate and jealousy.  Asura beings have less suffering than human beings, more than heavenly beings. 
  3. Human Realm: Beings who conduct 5 precepts will get reborn in Human Realm. 5 precepts are: abstain from harming living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and taking intoxicating substances, like drugs or drink alcohol.   
  4. Animal Realm: Beings have strong ignorance. 
  5. Hungry Ghost Realm:  get born here because ofgreedy mind
  6. Hell Realm: Due to  angry mind

So, for example, if our last thought before death is angry, then we will get reborn  into Hell Realm. All beings in 6 realms has limited life span, even though their life spans could be billion years or few seconds. Once they die in one of 6 realms, they will get reborn in one of the 6 realms according to their last thought before death.