Pure Land Buddhism

Pure Land school of Buddhism is not based on blind faith. 

Before we are able to  understand the Pure Land  Buddhist school. We need to understand few things first.

  • Why do we get reborn into where we are now?
  • Why Amituofo Buddha  has the ability to create Pure Land?
  • What this the key to be born in Amituofo Pure Land?

Why do we get reborn into where we are now?

Buddhism believes in Karma. We created countless karmic seeds through our thinking, speaking and acting,  and left all seeds in our karmic seed warehouse, which is called the eighth or alaya consciousness.  More......



Why Does Amituofo BuddhaHaveThe Ability To Create Pure Land?

Unlike ordinary people, all Buddhas have no attachment on anything. Buddha has perfectly realized emptiness. Therefore, Buddha has the ability to create any kind of form they want. More......



What Is The Key Point To Be Born In Pure-Land?

Even for people who don’t believe in Buddhism or slander Buddhism or Amituofo Buddha, Amituofo Buddha always wishes this person can get rebirth into Pure-Land due to Buddha’s compassion. More......


We All have Buddha Nature

Once we attain Buddha-hood, we all have the ability to create a Pure-Land.